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Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture has no rival for quality and sturdiness – particularly when Grade A varieties are used.

It originates from the monsoon forests in the region of Laos, Myanmar, (former Burma), and Thailand. It was only a few centuries ago, when the qualities of teak were recognized that planting began in Africa, South America and other South-East Asian counties.

The wood can be seen serving its desired purpose in palaces and temples across Indonesia going back 1000 years. The dense, oily nature of the wood, (Tecto-Quione Oils) gives it natural resistance to a broad range of temperatures along with a very low moisture uptake making it sought after for use in outdoor furniture as it’s less likely to crack or split over time.

Teak is aesthetically superior when compared with other timbers as well. There really is nothing like hand-crafted teak, with that golden, honey-coloured hue that simply gets better in direct sunlight. We specialise in the supply of the highest quality teak furniture, largely for UK markets, and have done for over two decades. We only use Grade A Teak Wood and buy all our pieces direct from the highest quality Indonesian suppliers who use raw materials from responsibly managed sources that are supervised by strict governmental regulations overseas. The crafts This ensures that we can offer unrivalled quality at affordable prices with a huge choice to suit all needs.

Rest assured that you’re in the right place.

Teak Wood – Elegant and Robust.

One of teaks most enduring characteristics is the fact that it is very ease to work, producing an unrivalled finish in the hands of expert craftspeople. We only use suppliers who employ time-served craftspeople whose skills have been passed down through the generations and, most importantly, get paid a fair wage for their craft and the pride they take in it.

All the joints in our furniture are solid, hand-cut Mortice & Tenon with teak dowels inserted for added strength. The finish, on the top of our chunky tables for example, is super-smooth to the point where you can barely feel the joints when you run your hands over it. And, in keeping with the majesty of the timber itself the makers include little ornate touches in all the right places to set each piece apart from the crowd. The tight-knit nature of the grain gives added beauty to the finish particularly when you consider that it’s characteristically very straight giving the furniture it’s used in an attractive uniformity.

‘The Jewel Of The Forest.’

Or, in more recent times, ‘The Ferrari of Garden Furniture.’

Teak has developed a reputation for majestic elegance across the world and has become instantly recognisable as a mark of quality. There is also a certain status attached to owning a piece of Teak Furniture. This is particularly true of aged teak with that familiar silver-grey patina that will take pride of place in any home or garden.

Sometimes seeing is believing and we’re sure you agree the highest quality furniture is worth travelling for – that’s why we have a 10,000 square foot Showroom located in the midlands making it easily accessible from both north and south in the UK. We not only have one of the largest independent collections of teak furniture in the UK today, in two decades we have also built up a formidable collection of Reclaimed Teak delicacies. These hand made from the abundance of disused fishing boats, canoes, ox-carts and housing found across Indonesia.

Due to increasing concerns around deforestation and the environment enterprising craftspeople now give these reclaimed items a new lease of life by turning them into bespoke benches, daybeds and garden ornaments among other things. The creative imagination that goes into the designs produces some truly magnificent results. These are now classed as 20th Century Antiques because no two are the same due to the very nature of the raw materials used. This trend is set to become more popular with the western world in years to come – if you act now you may even come to be considered as one of the pioneers in this field for the UK market.

Caring for Teak Furniture.

As mentioned earlier the discerning factor with teak wood is that it requires little or no maintenance due to its natural resistance to the elements. However, for purely cosmetic purposes and to help the ageing process become as beautifull as possible you should spend a short time cleaning it periodically.

Contrary to popular belief Teak Oil should not be used.

By using oils you seriously run the risk of causing major damage to your furniture as it is very difficult to remove and has been proven to accelerate the growth of mold and mildew.

The correct process for cleaning, you’ll be pleased to know, can be broken down into five very simple steps.

  1. On a fine sunny day wash your furniture down, preferably with a hose, to remove surface debris and dirt.
  2. Then fill a bucket with a gallon of water and add a quarter cup of bleach and two thirds of a cup of laundry detergent.
  3. Stir well and then apply to your furniture with a lightly bristled brush with the direction of the grain – paying particular attention to heavily stained areas.
  4. Wash down again with flowing water until the cleaning mix is completely removed.
  5. Leave in the sun to dry thoroughly.

You can, if you want to go that extra mile use Teak Protector for cosmetic applications. We recommend the use of Golden Care, mainly due to the fact that their products are water based making them non-harmful to the furniture itself and the environment around you.

Teak Patinizer can also be used to aid the ageing process and will make a noteable difference to this.

And, finally, to restore aged teak back to the honey-coloured glow of newer teak Golden Care do a range of maintenance kits that allow you to achieve this with no adverse effects